Belah Rose invited me to her Delight Your Marriage podcast to talk about about forgiveness, trust, healing and personal recovery.  Click here!

Belah and I have also talked about "God delights in you" and just chilling out in marriage.


1.  Covenant Eyes filtering software is the first line of defense against internet nastiness at the Bruner household.

2.  Hope After Porn is a free download at Covenant Eyes for women.  It's four women telling the story of healing in their marriages.  Covenant Eyes just updated the book after tens of thousands of downloads, and asked me to write a summary chapter for it, so there you go.  Bonus material.  

3.  Speaking of Covenant Eyes, they also have a blog.  You can subscribe to for free, and read tons of articles for men, women, parents, anybody who needs help with pornography issues.  There are lots of voices on the blog, and you may not agree 100% with everything (I don't), but it's a conversation that I think is really helpful.

4.  I have written several posts for the Covenant Eyes blog, and here's the page where you can find all of those.

5.  Pure Desire is another resource that a blog reader told me about a while back.  They have groups in various places, as well as books and videos.  We visited a group near us and felt it was definitely something we could recommend with enthusiasm for men, women, and spouses.

6.  Here's another website someone floated my way this week:  Guilty Pleasure.  This one started in Australia.  They're really interested in getting churches to talk about pornography, which would be awesome.

7. Read my book "As Soon As I Fell" to hear about Andy's struggle with pornography and his road to recovery. 

8. Here's some of what I've written about our journey with pornography. 

9. Android smartphone users: I recommend EverAccountable.  It's not a filter so I don't necessarily recommend it for kids. It sends a report of internet and app usage to an accountability partner(s).

10. Read Michael Cusick's book "Surfing for God".  There's a review on Covenant Eyes here.  

11. Here's a great article from Tim Challies called "The Porn-Free Family Plan" that guides you through protecting your home devices and other such things.

12. Read my e-book "Porn and Your Boyfriend".  

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