Toward Better Boundaries: A Thirty-Day Practice

starting October 1, 2019

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The topics you covered here are essential to having good boundaries. I have been reading books and learning about boundaries for over 10 years now and the depth of what was covered here took me further than all my 10 years put together. I feel empowered with tools for making good steps towards healthy choices for myself and for everyone I interact with.
— Course Participant

We all need to know what is me, and what is not me.

What is okay for me, what is not okay for me.

Those seemingly simple choices make up the daily and hourly practice of boundaries, setting the limits of our lives, putting the fences in place that make us good neighbors to one another.

The practice of boundaries allows me to understand myself, define myself, and take responsibility for myself.

The practice of boundaries allows me to be part of work and play that reflects the fullness of myself and respects the fullness of others.

When I first started practicing boundaries for myself, I found it extremely helpful to have a few close friends who were committed to supporting me.

Now, as a therapist, I have the pleasure of supporting my clients in their boundaries practices.

My dream for Toward Better Boundaries is to leverage my experience and resources into a group practice that leads to better boundaries for more people in more places around the world, with the ease of practicing in your own home, at your own convenience.

If you decide to join me, I’ll add you to a private Facebook group that is exclusive to this particular 30-day practice.

In our group, we’ll each set aside 30 minutes each day for our practice: a brief daily video introduction from me, followed by a daily writing prompt, and group interaction as you feel comfortable.

I’m looking forward to supporting you in your goals toward better boundaries!