Vacation for life

So many of the things we love are bad for us.  (Like all those things we just resolved not to eat or do any more in the New Year.)  Vacations, however, are incredibly good for us.  The Framingham Heart Study has actually shown that the more vacations people take, the longer they live. Hello!  This is the best prescription ever:  do something you like.  Do it a lot.  You'll live longer.

Also, I think, you will live happier.  There's something about vacation memories that just stick with you and keep the happiness going.  I'm still enjoying boating through the fjords of New Zealand.  Walking the beach in Australia.  Snorkeling in the Solomon Islands.  Hiking in the Smokey Mountains.  Camping in Oklahoma.

I know I've done some damage to myself over the years through stress, anxiety, and depression.  It's nice to find out I can balance that out, with a simple little thing like vacation.

Maybe next year, we'll discover that chocolate donuts have no calories.  But until then, I'm just going to enjoy lots of vacation.  I can have as much as I want.  Cuz it's good for me.

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