charmingly handcrafted

One of the things we realized early on in the process of my daughter's wedding was that we needed help.  There were just not going to be enough hours in the day between June 1 and January 1 for the two of us to create everything ourselves.

So we put on a wedding craft brunch, and asked friends and family to come over and help us create.

Some of the friends who came were a little insecure about their crafting abilities and we kept hearing things like, "Is this one OK?  I don't think it's perfect."

That day, we coined the phrase "charmingly handcrafted."

For the crooked seam, the spray paint drip, the slightly misfolded butterfly, we'd just say "it's charmingly handcrafted."

And at the end of the day, it absolutely was.  Charmingly handcrafted.

photography:  Katherine McGeever

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