lawn chair love

It's April in Texas, which means that right-minded citizens are blessing Lady Bird Johnson's wild-flower-loving name while stopping along the freeway to take pictures of their children in the bluebonnets. My children have always hated to have their picture taken.  When we moved to Texas and learned about this whole annual bluebonnet family photo-fest, they declared it to be the purest form of torture ever invented by a First Lady.

When they were smaller than me, I could still make them do it anyway.  But now I am the shortest person in my family and most of them can drive.

So this year, I just took my lawn chairs out for bluebonnet photos instead.

I scored these chairs last summer, after my neighbor moved them to the curb for garbage pick-up.  Given the amount of rust, I could totally understand her decision.  But I had been wanting vintage lawn chairs for years, so I couldn't let them go without a fight.  Lots of wire-brushing and spray painting later, they are two of my favorite things.

photos:  Andy Bruner  (thanks, honey!)


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