the legal limit

Every machine has a duty cycle.  A number of hours it can work, and a number of hours it then needs to NOT work--so that it can keep working for a good long time.  Human beings are like that too.  We're supposed to work, and then we're supposed to stop it for a while--so that we can do it again when we need to.  (Archibald Hart says something like that in one of my favorite books, The Anxiety Cure.) When we work too much and don't rest enough, we wear out well before our time.

It's not a difficult concept, friends.  You don't have to be a rocket scientist.

But it sure seems difficult to implement.

What keeps us working and going and doing beyond our own legal limit?


What makes us do it?

And what would it take to make us stop?

What would be the consequences of keeping to our own legal limits?

What would be the rewards?

Happy holiday weekend!

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