Seven subterfuge

Last night I performed my first act of Seven subterfuge.  I hid the Kool-aid. Because pretty much the first thing that happened, when I walked in from work, is that I started looking at the food in the house and thinking, "Is it enough?  Will I run out of something?"

I didn't do it on purpose, people.  It just happened.  This is just where my head goes when I don't keep a hold of it every single second.  Control, control, control.

And I noticed the sugar jar is only 3/4 full and then I checked the pantry and there's not an extra bag.

So I hid the Kool-aid.  Ha.  Take that, my darling little sugar-slurpers, on your first day of summer vacation.

So much for my meditations on manna a couple of weeks ago, blah blah blah blah blah.

"Their God is their stomach."  Where is that scripture?  Feeling like it might end up being my theme verse this week.

OK.  Housekeeping.  Having learned how to make clicky linky thingies, let me amaze you with my new-found prowess:

Here is where the other Summer of 7 Bloggers talk about food

And here are my challenges to myself for the Summer of 7, where you can figure out what the heck I'm talking about anyway, if you just tuned in and are terminally confused.

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