the Sunday gathering

This week's food challenge is a little bit about what I won't do:  buy moremoremore groceries this week. But really it's a whole lot about I already have:  way more than enough.

I want this week to be about mindfulness and gratitude, and not about deprivation.

Last night we went out for a cook-out with friends from church.  As we drove away, my 21 year old son called and said he wanted to make dinner for friends at the house.  He was a little worried about using my ingredients up.  What about the mushrooms.  Did I have plans for the bell peppers.  We dithered a bit and then I said, "You know, use whatever you want.  It's fine.  That's what this week is about, anyway.  Just go for it."

Six kids ate dinner at my house while I was gone.  They made sweet tea.  (You know I had a little sugar crisis the first day out on this challenge.)

But it was all good.  Way more than good.   Some of the kids were still here when we got home and I love those guys way too much.  They are welcome to every crumb in my house.

And my friend brought me a present when she came to dinner:  the half bag of sugar from her pantry.  And a can of pineapple that her husband thought we would enjoy.

I think I might make a fruit salad later, since that makes three fruits in the fridge now.

So this morning I went out into my back yard and brought in some of what is already here:  the beauty and abundance and joy.  The love and gifts and moremoremore, far beyond what I need.  If I will just open my eyes and see.

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