Spend-Less Week, Day 1

It's Spend-Less Week here at the Summer of 7, where we take a hard look at our money and where it goes in such a hurry. My challenge for this week:  spend nothing.  Nowhere.  No how.  No excuses.

It's Saturday and I'm not even going to stop for garage sales, where they are practically begging me to take their stuff away for next to nothing.

Here's what happened yesterday--vintage hankies that just hopped into my car, clearly meant for a valance in the guest room.  $1, friends.

But that was yesterday.  Today, Spend-Less Week begins.

Spend-Less Week.  When I think about the blessing of already-existing abundance, and remember that I really don't neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed another vintage suitcase, vintage typewriter, or vintage lawn chair.  No matter how cute, cheap, and dying to be turned into amazingness.

So here's how I think this week will go down.  I already conquered the no-grocery-store part of this challenge in Week 1, so that's not a big deal.

And we live on a budget all the time, so that's not really a problem.  (It hasn't always been easy, and I'll talk about that later.)

But, I forgot to load my Kindle yesterday.  And books are like potato chips to me.  You can't read just one.  I read a lot, and I read really fast.  So that's going to be interesting.

I tend to shop for entertainment, even if I don't buy a lot.  So if I don't shop, and I don't read . . .  I wonder what will happen instead?

I might get creative.

And that could be fun.

This might not be so bad.

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