good news, bad news

First, let's get the the bad news out of the way:  I bought gas this morning.  I do I realize I had a choice.  Maybe a better person would park the car and cancel the week.  I am not that girl.  I am going to work and to church and to the dentist.  In my car.  So there you go.  Make of it what you will. Now, on to the good news:  I have been having a blast with spray paint (left over in the garage from previous projects), and stuff that's just hanging around the  house.

Here's my first project:  remaking an 80's light fixture upstairs.  I was looking at funky light fixtures online, and realized that one of them bore a striking resemblance to some hanging flower baskets I had out in the shed, from back in the day when I erroneously believed I could keep flowering plants alive.  So, out with the frilly old glass shades, zip-tie the planter baskets in place, Rustoleum to the rescue, and voila!  Free funky light!

Here's my second project:  creating a storage container for my boys' bathroom.  We took out an old vanity and are putting in a pedestal sink, but that left us with no storage space for cleaning supplies.  When I came to the bottom of the laundry-soap bucket this morning, I thought, "I wish there was something cool I could do with these buckets."  (Waste-less week is already on my mind.)  And then I thought, "I could spray paint this!  And make a storage bucket for the bathroom!"  And then I realized I could stencil words on it.  When you read all the way around, it says "clean."  I thought the use of the imperative was particularly appropriate in this case.

And here's my third project:  amping up found frames so we can make my son's bedroom into a cool art gallery for his photography.

So, if you can overlook the fact that I spent money (and please feel free to do so), I'd say spend-less week is a rip-roaring success so far.

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