Happy Blogaversary!

One year ago today, I posted my very first blog.   I didn't know if anybody would read this thing, but a few weeks ago, we ticked past 10,000 hits.  This is my 100th post.  I even have 67 people who subscribe and get every single post as an email. Wow.

When I stop and think about it, I'm amazed that I can sit here in my jammies and write whatever is on my mind today, and that somehow it encourages other people.  I don't know how it works, but I think it's pretty cool.

So, thank you.

Thank you to my family.

Thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for giving me the time and freedom to write.

Thank you, darling friends and dear readers.

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for letting me know when it makes a difference.  Thank you for clicking and liking and re-posting.

I love that I get to do this!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  (I'm feeling like Lawrence Welk . . .  bubbles, anyone?)

Now an announcement.

I am making a few changes.

The blog name is now:  kaybruner.com.

For most of you, NOTHING changes.

  • If you click over from Facebook, no problem.
  • If you subscribe by email, you'll just get an email asking you to click the blue button and confirm your subscription.
  • BUT, for the five or so people who subscribe through wordpress, you will have to re-subscribe to kaybruner.   I don't know why.  It's another one of the many mysteries of technology.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

Here's why I decided to change the name.  When I started, I thought the blog would be fairly counselor-ish.  I thought my audience would primarily be my counseling clients.  I was dithering over the name and finally threw Kay's Counseling Blog up there in desperation, half thinking it wouldn't last long anyway.

Here we are a whole year later.  My readers have been family, friends and friends of friends.  The blog has evolved into something more personal than I initially planned.  I really like it this way.

In fact, I would like to make it even more personal this coming year, and with the name change I feel free to do that.

I want to share more of my own story.   Lately I've been thinking about my own experience of brokenness and healing.  As I look back, the thing that helped most was having people around me who had been broken, just like I was broken--and who had gone on to find healing.  And they weren't just "back to normal."  They were stronger than before.  Seeing that gave me a vision for what I thought God might be about in my own life.  It gave me hope and strength in the journey.   So I want to write more about that.

And I want to share some artsy craftsy things here.  Making things pretty is part of who I am.  I'm passionate about it.  I've realized I have a tendency to downplay it, but it gives me joy, and it may do the same for someone else.  That makes me think it's important.  So check out MakeItPretty in the category cloud.  There are already a few new posts there.

One thing I'm keeping the same is my cover photo. 

My son Michael took this picture at Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe, a couple of years ago.  I love Michael's photography, and I love Santa Fe.

But most of all, I love this image of a still Cross in a moving world.

Because when my world has gone crazy, and I don't know anything else, this is my still point, my place of safety, my strong tower, my refuge:  my Redeemer lives.

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