31 Days of 2002: Day 14

June 3 Honiara

Yesterday morning I was sweeping the floor and found all these little grub-looking things, crawling from behind the couch, toward the kitchen.

So I swept them all up, and a few minutes later I found a few more in the middle of the living room floor, headed toward the kitchen.  We all started looking around for the source of these grubs, and finally Andy realized that they were dropping from the molding between the wall and the ceiling, behind the couch.  Then they start heading like lemmings for the kitchen.  He shot a bunch of bug spray into the molding, but the grubs kept dropping.

We commented on how they really looked like maggots, but how could a house have maggots?

So last night, we started talking about these grubs again.  Then we connected this funny gas-like smell that I've been noticing in the living room with these grubs.  Eeeyew, there must be a dead rat in the attic, growing maggots.

And then the maggots are raining down into our living room.  Blech, blech, blech!!!!

And why, why, why are they heading for the kitchen?

Maybe I'd rather not know.

June 6


Back in Australia again.  I went to the gynecologist yesterday and had a totally painless pelvic exam.  She removed the polyp without my even knowing it.  This morning I went to a diagnostic clinic for a couple of ultrasounds.  The doctor there says that I have “thickening of the myometrium consistent with adenomyosis.”  What I understand is that the lining of my uterus is growing “roots” down into the muscle.  Causes a painful uterus and funny bleeding.  It’s benign, just annoying, and my case is mild so there is no treatment at present.

June 8


I’m totally exhausted; spent the last two days in bed, hoping that I’m not getting malaria.  But I think it’s just that sick exhaustion from too much stress.  I used to do this on Spring Break from college.  Come home and get sick.  It’s winter here, so I haven’t really minded staying tucked up in bed.

June 11


When I got back here, Andy told me that he’d run into a Nigerian friend of ours, who’s a pediatrician at the hospital.  When Andy related some of the drama I had endured, Dr. Dan said, “Oh, no!  She didn’t go to Dr. Zutu!  Not Dr. Zutu!  That man’s not a gynecologist!”  Apparently they don’t have a real gynecologist right now.  Dr. Zutu is just filling in until they recruit a real one.

Can’t be too soon, I say.

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