31 Days of 2002: Day 21

September 28, 2002 Tawatana

We've been hearing good things about the marriage and family study that we've been doing.  Mostly we're hearing that people who are in the study have shared what they've learned with other people.

One man went to a funeral in another village two weeks ago, and while he was there he told some of the men about talking with their wives, and especially what Andy had said about "opening the door" (asking things like, "how did you feel when that happened?") and "closing the door" (giving quick advice, talking over the other person).

Some of the ladies in my group went and talked to another lady, who's been separated from her husband for five months.  They shared what they had learned, and gave her a paper with scripture verses in Arosi.  A few weeks later, that couple is back together.  The ladies came over to tell me, "This stuff works!"

This past Sunday, a lady from the village of Ubuna (just about 30 minutes walk away) happened to be here and sat in on the study.  Now she's staying here until next Sunday so that she can go to the study again.

Then one funny story comes from my friend Esther.  She really took to the idea of the man and woman being partners, and how God took Eve from Adam's side.  She and her husband were having words, and she said to him, "George, I feel like God must have taken me from underneath your feet!"

Doing this study with these ladies has been the highlight of this village stay.  Just seeing their interest, their eagerness.  And the way they’re sharing it with others.  Everybody here has gone to church, morning and evening, all their lives.  But maybe for the first time, scripture has something to say about the problems of life.

As a result of that study, Andy and I were asked to talk about sex education to the kids at the community high school.  We each had about 60 kids.  I've known some of them since they were toddlers; it was a bit surreal, and I just stood there and cried before I could even begin my lecture.  But I was glad to have the chance to say something that will hopefully be truly helpful to them.  One of Libby's friends was in the group and she later repeated a lot of what I'd said to Libby, including the English terms like sperm and uterus!  So many young kids are sexually active, and I can just see AIDS taking hold here in the Solomons like it has in Africa.

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