31 Days of 2002: Day 23

October 6, 2002 Tawatana

The marriage and family Bible study ended last night with a potluck supper.  Several of the ladies made speeches, some of them with tears, about how much the study has meant to them.  Throughout our years in the Solomons, I’ve been teaching my kids and keeping my house.  This year is the first time I’ve been in the village without a baby in diapers.  This is the first time I’ve been able to do something that I’ve loved doing, which others have received with such obvious joy.  It’s been a great gift to me.

October 12


This evening, I sent Jacob across the path with a plate of leftovers, and he was a long time coming back.  Finally I heard him coming, speaking Pijin, and I could tell that Jean was with him.  Jean had brought a big bag of sweet potato down from her garden “for Jacob” and as I stood there, thanking her, she said, “When I think about you all going soon, I just feel really sad.  But then I remember that even if we are separated here in this world, someday we’ll all be together in heaven.”

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