31 Days of 2002: Day 29

December 2002 Honiara 

Christmas shopping in Honiara, among the Spader-Man action figures and Barlie dolls.  Jake spends his money on a pseudo-Lava Fury Batman.  The box says that this batman’s "neural suit technology" has enabled him to "douse the willainous foray of an unknown arsonist."  Under “collect the entire line," there’s Argent Batman:  “the technology have change, than the power is in the tiptop,” and there’s Golden Batman:  “Not only in the night, the power of the sun is in point.”  Made in China.

Honiara--corrugated countryside.

From my window, I look down a narrow valley.

Poincianas, like brilliant fireworks in bloom, frame the sea.

Ten feet outside my window, parrots perch,

Like poinciana blooms come to life.

Leafy wings, fiery breasts.

Mynah birds scritch-scratch the roof overhead,

Whirring their police-siren cries.

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