today's guest post at Covenant Eyes

I was invited to guest-post over at the Covenant Eyes blog this week.  Covenant Eyes is the guardian of internet safety at our house, and when they ask me to write for them, it's a pleasure to give back just a little bit for all the peace of mind they've given me over the years. A few months ago, I wrote a piece for them that was more of an endorsement of their product.  Why do we need internet filtering at our house, anyway?

Because sometimes people will say to me, well, I  just want my husband/my kids to learn to deal with what's out there, so we don't filter.

It's why I don't have ice cream in my freezer, folks.  I don't want to eat ice cream all the time.  Well, I do want to eat it all the time.  But it's not good for me.  So I don't have it around.

Same thing with the bad stuff on the internet.  We don't want it in our house.  So we keep it out.  And Covenant Eyes helps us do that.  Super simple and lots of heartache saved.

But that was last time. This time they asked me for more of my own story.  How did I find out about Andy's issue with pornography?  How did it make me feel?  What did we do about it?  And how are things now?  Click here to have all your questions answered.

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