Guess what? I made you a present!

September marks my second blogaversary.  Yay!  Confetti and balloons! I love writing, and this blog provides me with a pretty painless way to publish.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

And I'm so grateful to all of you, who read and share and comment and re-post.  You guys clicked 24,600+ times this past year.  Wow.  That blows me away.

So, to say thank you, I made you a present:

My first ebook!  Ta-da!

Devotional Cover

This is the series I did for Advent last year, using the text of Handel's Messiah.  25 readings for the month of December.

I thought you might appreciate having it all in one easy place, to use again this year.  (And I've done a little tweaking, so hopefully it's better this time around.)

The book is my gift to you, so it's TOTALLY FREE for the next three days until midnight on Sept 8th (Pacific time).





Please click here to download it for yourself.

When you get over to Amazon, click on the little "Send as a gift" button, and email it to people.

Recommend it to your Sunday School class, to your Twelve-Step Group, to your mail carrier.

Share it on Facebook, Tweet it, Instagram it, whatever.  Go crazy.

It's free for anybody and everybody who wants it!  

(For the next three days.  After that, Amazon wants their money.)

And then, if you would be so kind, would you WRITE A REVIEW, so that people who don't know us might actually download it, too, someday?  That would be fabulous!

So, click over, download, and let me know how you like your present!

If you don't have an e-reader, you can click here to download free software for your computer to view kindle books.

***A big huge thank you to my husband, Andy, who made the technology happen on this project.  I am so technology-averse, and he makes it all better.***

***And thanks to my son, Michael, who took the cover photo.***

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