1 thing on sale at my Amazon store on black friday

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Don't you just love how every blog post has a number in the title these days?  And how everything is for sale on Black Friday?  

I just had to jump on those trends!  

And so:  the one thing that's in my Amazon store, my Advent reader, is on sale this Friday, just in time for Advent, which starts this Sunday.


I was out for lunch with my daughter today (we had avocado frozen yogurt, which was delish), and she told me that a lady at her church stopped her in the parking lot last Sunday to say how much she loved the book.  In fact, she's read the whole thing already.  She's just saving the last reading for Christmas Day.  

How fun is that!

Now, I don't know this lady.  My advertising budget is zero.  Also, I have the entrepreneurial skills of ice berg lettuce.  Which is to say, none.  

This lady got the book because Libby shared it in her Facebook status.

And that, I think, is how a lot of people have gotten this book:  somebody shared it on Facebook.  

We've shared almost 500 copies this way, which is HUGE!  

The average self-published e-book sells 150 copies.  We have way exceeded my expectations.  I don't know how that happened, especially with ice berg lettuce in charge of the PR push, but I think it's fabulous!

So, if you've got the book already, if you've had a chance to look through it, if you think somebody else could benefit from it this holiday season:


Share the sale in your Facebook status.  

Share by buying a few to give as gifts.  

It's just 99 cents on Friday.

You can be nice, and be a cheapskate all at once, which I call a win-win.


Because, even during the holidays, life keeps happening.  

I would love for people to feel that there is hope, even when the world is real.

When the pain is real.  

When the sorrow is real.  

When the disappointment is real.  

When nothing is turning out like we wanted.  

HOPE is just as real, just as present, and infinitely more powerful than all this reality that presses in around us, because we have God With Us, no matter what.  

There is light in our darkness, and love to carry us through.

That's the message of the book, so shareshareshare like crazy!

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