thanksgiving in the middle

Thanksgiving is a holiday about happily ever after, it seems to me.  

new leaf.jpg

Originally it celebrated the end of the harvest, when farmers could see the physical results of their labor, and know that their families would be fed for another winter.  

"All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin,"  says the hymn.  

That's a happy feeling, when your life is Tweet-worthy, Instagram-able and Facebook-status-enviable.  When you've got a long list to write on your Pinterested place mat.

But what if you're in the middle of a story, this Thanksgiving season?  

Still sweating it out in the trenches, with no end in sight?

What if there's 

A loss you can't get over? 

A hurt that won't heal?

A secret that hasn't been told? 

A separation that breaks your heart? 

That One Big Thing that blocks you from happily ever after? 

Just come to the Table.   

You don't need to bring a thing. 

Empty-handed and broken-hearted?  

Can't summon the energy to make a green bean casserole? 

Just show up.   

All who are hungry.  Anyone who's thirsty.

There's plenty for everybody, and leftovers besides.

You are welcome.  

You are beloved.  

This is your Home.



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