better late than never: paperback Advent reader now available!

FAQ at the last few weeks:  "Is there a paper copy of the Advent reader?"

And as of today, I can say:  Why, YES!  Yes there is!  

I wish I had thought to do this in time for the start of Advent.  That would have been ideal.  

Every time I start to feel a little bit bad about that, though, this is my mantra:  ""  

Yeah.  My rollout rocks.

Honestly, I didn't think that many people would buy the ebook, much less ask for a paper copy.  But you did!  Wow!

Accordingly, Super Andy leaped over createspace with a single bound this week, and here is your paper copy, just in time for stocking-stuffing!

As for ebook sales, I captured this screenshot a couple of days ago:  

12-2-2013 7-20-57 PM.jpg

Happy to be beating out Joel Osteen, if only for a moment!

Many, many thanks to all of you who have passed the love along!

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