how you can broaden your horizons today with just one click of the mouse

You may have figured out by now that Andy and I used to be missionaries.  In fact, missionary was the family business, and when we got married and went overseas, it was a perfectly normal career move for us.

You've probably also figured out that while some things went well (New Testament completed!  Yay!) some other things went quite badly (pornography addiction, anxiety, depression, boo hiss).

Following the publication of As Soon As I Fell, people in the overseas world are finding the book and saying, "Oh, me too!  Me too!"  

Lots of missionaries experience the same thing we did:  while some things are going well, other things are going quite badly.  

I would love to help people walk through the bad times with a bit more support.  

That's why I'm so excited about a new opportunity that's live right now in blog world!

A couple of months ago, I was invited to join a group of writers at a blog called A Life Overseas.  The team asked me if I'd do a monthly series called Ask a Counselor.  

The very first piece in the series is up there today, and I'd love for you to click over and take a look.

Many of my readers are not overseas workers, and if you are NOT an overseas worker, I would especially love for you to click over and read.  

Why should you read a blog about life overseas if you don't live overseas?

Because OVERSEAS WORKERS ARE PART OF THE BODY OF CHRIST WITH YOU.  And I long for you to understand their world.

I want you to see beyond the smiles on the pretty family prayer card.

I want you to see beyond the newsletter that tells you about the work that's going so well.

I want you to understand that these are real people, who get into real messes, and who need real help.  

I want you to see the next missionary who walks into your church as a real person, not a pedestal-dweller of superior holiness.  

I want you to see that missionary as somebody you could connect with.  Somebody you could bless.  Somebody who could bless you in return.

And so, I invite you to A Life Overseas, where you can listen to more stories.  

One little click, broader horizons, more love and care within the Body of Christ.  

Sounds like a winner to me!

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