Now through Sunday: book sale! And a free gift!

Everything's on sale at my Amazon store!  All two things!  Yay!

As Soon As I Fell and Comfort Ye My People are both 99 cents in the Kindle versions.

Paperback versions are as low as they can go.  

If you've been dying to share either of these books with friends and family, now's the time!  

Don't forget that you can access Kindle versions of these books WITHOUT A KINDLE!  

There's a FREE APP from Amazon that lets you read Kindle on any smart phone, tablet, or computer.  

Also, it's easy-peasy to send a Kindle as a gift.  All you need to do is enter the recipient's email address, and you're done.  

I think Comfort Ye My People would be perfect as a little Advent app-on-the-go.  

It's 26 daily readings, based on Handel's Messiah.  Every day you get a scripture, a brief devotional thought, and a link to YouTube so you can listen to a little piece of Messiah.

Load the Kindle app onto your phone, and whenever you've got a minute of down time, you've got Advent at your fingertips.  With music.  (If I could figure out how to give you candlelight and egg nog with it, I would.  Maybe Amazon will get that going in time for next year.)

And here's the free gift!  

A brand-new study guide for As Soon As I Fell, which you can download here.  I think the study guide will work well for discussion groups as well as personal reflection, but try it out and let me know.  As always, all mistakes are my own, and I love to get feedback!  I've included three exercises that help process emotions--just a little self-care bonus.

Happy shopping!

Update 11/29/2014: Due to a technical issue on Amazon the sale of Comfort Ye only lasted one day and I can't restart it.  But what I can do is make it FREE.  So on Sunday the 30th it will be totally free! 

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