a letter to my last-year self

Hello, Last-Year Self.

There you are, walking in the sunshine, one year ago on Martin Luther King Day.

What would I tell you, my past self, if I could?

Enjoy the sunshine.  Soak it up.  Receive every bright and shining moment, and let that Love sink down deep inside you.  Hold it close on the dark days ahead.

2014 is going to be a vicious beast.

And the Lover of your Soul will carry you through, one step at a time.

You're going to weep, and that's okay.

You'll suffer loss, and you'll still be okay.

Your friends will love you and show up for you.

Together will be your comfort.

Beauty and Love will sustain you.

Don't worry about being tough.

Don't worry about being A Good Example In Hard Times.

Remember what you already know:  power shows up best in weak people.

Don't brace for impact.

Don't imagine the worst.





Trouble will come, but trouble is not the end of the story.

Love is the end of the story.

And Love, I promise, will carry you through.

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