now you can binge-watch my blog

So, as you know, I've become slightly under-employed lately.  

I lost my parenting job and my main source of counseling referrals all at once, and that left me wondering what exactly I was supposed to do with myself, between 8 and 5 every day.

I'm doing okay, but I'm still kind of sad and confused about what exactly I'm supposed to be doing.  

This feels like a normal grief process to me, though, so I'm just letting myself be in it.  I'll probably see what the next thing is at some point.  For now, I'm waiting.  

And surfing the internet, as one does while waiting.

On the wonderful internet, I found this magical thing called videoscribe.

Videoscribe lets me create a short, animated video.  I pick clip art I like, I type in some words, pick background music, do a little voiceover, hit PLAY, and voila, Videoscribe animates the whole thing and I end up feeling like Brene freakin Brown.  

These are not my hands, not my drawings.  If they were, I'd be an artist and not a therapist.  The internet does magic, people.  Magic.  This is living proof.

So far, I've posted animations on how to find your best-fit counselor, dealing with addiction, the biopsychosocial model of mental illness, assertiveness, forgiveness--and this one on boundaries.  Check it out!

To see all the animations, you can:

visit the new "animations" tab under Resources


visit my YouTube channel.

Now you can binge-watch my blog! I'm practically NetFlix, y'all!

If you've got questions you'd like answered in cool video format, let me know.


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