speaking of love...

I've been on a couple of podcasts recently, and it's been SO MUCH FUN!

And, whether you loved or hated my last post about how I focus on Love instead of sin in counseling, all these conversations help shed more light on Love in my life.

The first conversation was with Belah Rose at Delight Your Marriage.  Her focus is marriages in recovery from all kinds of hard things, so we talked about forgiveness, trust, and healing on the road to a renewed relationship.  (I might have gotten a little passionate about redemption out of brokenness.)

Our most recent conversation is her Episode 90, here.

Belah and I also talked previously at Episode 70 and Episode 71.  Those conversations were mostly my personal story of our marriage, Andy's porn use, my breakdown, and recovery for both of us.

Speaking of love, it's bluebonnet season.  Texas, you beautiful thing.  (photo:  Andy Bruner, near Granbury TX)

Speaking of love, it's bluebonnet season.  Texas, you beautiful thing.  (photo:  Andy Bruner, near Granbury TX)

The second podcast conversation was with John Robinson at Never Forsaken.

John is a transplanted New Englander, now living in my old stomping ground of Kentucky.  Never Forsaken is focused on experiences in faith and doubt, so he asked about how I've changed over the years from stressed-out spiritual perfectionist to...a little bit more chilled out about life in general and faith in particular, and what that process has looked like for me.

Our conversation is his Episode 33, here

If you're super into listening to my voice after all that, you might also be interested in a series of podcast interviews at Covenant Eyes from last year, where I answer top questions women ask about recovery in marriage:  here, here, and here.

AND, I just posted a brand-new animation about healthy coping skills in tough times.  As always, my animations are on my channel at YouTube, and also here on my resource tab.

I haven't done much writing this week but I've done a lot of talking and creating!

Listen, watch, enjoy!

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