receive the Love

Receive the Love, dear friends.

Mission Espada, San Antonio TX (photo: Andy Bruner)

Mission Espada, San Antonio TX (photo: Andy Bruner)

When the sun shines and the flowers bloom, receive the Love.

  • Because Love is the gift that brings life and light and peace, and there is more than enough for us all.

When you feel far from God, receive the Love.  

  • Because God is Love, and the more you receive Love, the closer you'll be to True Love.

When you're anxious and afraid, receive the Love.

  • Because there is no fear in Love, and perfect Love casts out fear.  Breathe in the Love, hold it close, breathe out the fear.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

When you're rejected and abandoned, receive the Love.

  • Because people may be empty cups, but Love is the true source, the endless fountain, the ever-flowing stream. (Richard Rohr)

When you can't forgive, receive the Love.

  • Because forgiveness means we've lost something precious.  Love fills the void and allows us to release what can't be replaced.

When there's too much sorrow and pain to be borne in the world, receive the Love.

  • Because Love is patient and kind and always hopeful, and Love never fails.  When every single other good thing has ended, Love endures.

Whatever it is for you today: receive the Love. 

Receive the Love in sunshine and flowers and hummingbirds and watermelon.

Receive the Love in friends and babies and smiling strangers and puppies.

Receive the Love in art and music and dancing and singing.

Receive the Love in mountains and beaches and rivers and starry skies. 

Receive the Love.

Pour out your Love on us, Great Lover of us all,

and may we receive it fully and completely,

that we may be Love and peace for one another in all the world,

until That Day

when Love truly and finally wins.

Mission Espada, San Antonio TX (photo: Andy Bruner)

Mission Espada, San Antonio TX (photo: Andy Bruner)

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