walk in the light of today

A few weeks ago, I wrote about walking in the light that you have.  

You don't need to know everything in order to start walking, I said.  When there's light on the path, get up and go.

I'd like to add this thought: walk in the light of today.

Be kind to the self who walked in the light of the past.

Be patient with the self who's not ready to walk in the light of tomorrow.

Celebrate the self who's walking in the light of today.

Texas wildflowers (photo: Andy Bruner)

Texas wildflowers (photo: Andy Bruner)

When the sun comes up on this new morning, release the certainty of the past.  

Joyfully anticipate the growth of the future.  

But most of all, revel in the freshness of today.

Breathe in the spacious freedom of right now.

Receive the Love that's everywhere in the world,

a Love not confined to a particular mountain in the Middle East,

not contained to words on a page,

not dependent upon prayers properly practiced, or on elegantly articulated ideology.

Receive the Love that filters down in the sunshine,

that whispers in the breeze,

that sings in windchimes and laughter,

borne to us by the hands of friends and lovers.

Right here.

Right now.

This is the place.

We are here.

Love is here, and nothing can separate us.



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