statement of faith

I'm in a couple of private facebook groups for doubters, wanderers, hopers, and dreamers.

This morning a fellow group member posted a letter to God, expressing her love for God, and some deep pain as well.  

I wrote this in response, and it occured to me that someone here might need it too.

Ft Worth Botanical Garden (photo: Andy Bruner)

Ft Worth Botanical Garden (photo: Andy Bruner)

Dear Sarah,

I love you too!

In fact, you're one of my favorite people.

There's nothing you can do or think that will end my love for you.

I know that lots of people need rules to feel like they're safe, and they try to make you follow their rules because that makes them feel safe too.

Here's the good news: my Love will always keep you safe.

You don't need the rules, because my Love transcends all the rules.

My Love keeps safe the women who've had abortions.

My Love keeps safe the LGBTQIA community.

My Love even keeps safe the people who trust the rules to keep them safe.

My Love is big enough, strong enough, wide enough, deep enough for all things.

Nothing can separate you--or anyone else--from my Love.

Don't worry about going to a certain place, saying certain words, or doing certain tasks. My Love doesn't need any of those things.

My Love just is. It's everywhere, all around you.

The breeze, the sunshine, the snow, the rain. The pets, the friends, the good coffee, your yoga studio.  My Love is there, in all those gifts.

When life really truly sucks, my Love is present in the deepest, darkest places. I will never, ever leave you alone. I am with you in the pain, the sorrow, the anger, the anxiety. My Love folds all those things close and holds them safe.

Dear Sarah, when you love others, you participate in my Love.

When you stand with the vulnerable, when you serve the suffering, you're living and moving and being in Love.

And you are enough. You were created from my Love, and you are going to my Love, and every minute of every single day, you are kept safe in my Love.

It's okay if you doubt and wonder. It's okay if you don't understand or experience my Love all the time.

Just like the sun shines above the clouds, so my Love is always there.

It has been, it will be.

Nothing can separate you from me.

You are mine. I am yours.

Love always.

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