shift happens to your boundaries

I have a lot of conversations with people around the topic of faith-shifting.  

One of the overarching themes that emerges, over and over and over, is boundaries.

We've identified for ourselves that a particular religious environment is toxic to us, but our family and friends still love it there.  

We don't want our daughter to have that subscription to the new Brio magazine that Aunt Suzie thinks would be great for her 15th birthday.

We actually used that copy of The Strong Willed Child as fire-starter for our first summer bonfire, and now Grandma wonders if we could pass it along to brother Jim.

We've stopped going to church, and every conversation revolves around questions of our eternal security.


I started to write a long blog post detailing the possible ins and outs, and then I deleted it all and just made a 2 minute and 45 second animation instead.



And happy, healthy boundaries to you!

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