prayer flags for us all

I put prayer flags up in my yard last summer, and I often watch them and think of prayers for peace, justice, mercy, kindness, and Love heading off in the direction of the prevailing wind.

It's very windy here in Dallas, so my prayers are always flying off one way or another.


This morning, I have a gentle breeze coming from the north, lifting my prayers gently toward the south, to the border, where moms and dads and children are traumatized by the choices of our government.

But the breeze is gentle this morning, and in many moments, my prayer flags are simply wafting back and forth as though peace and justice and mercy and kindness and Love are shedding themselves just here, just for me.

My immediate thought is that I'm okay, and all the Love is needed more elsewhere in this difficult time.

But that is scarcity thinking, the kind of thinking that creates the mess on our border to begin with: that we have to pick and choose who gets what when, instead of knowing that there is Enough, always Enough and that we can build longer tables and share, rather than build higher walls to exclude.

And because there is Enough, always, of peace and justice and mercy and kindness and love, more than Enough, for all of us, it's good and right for those prayers to fall here on me too this morning, on my hurting heart.

The Gospel, the Good News, of inclusive Love includes me, too.

It includes you.

It includes every person.

So, for today: prayers of peace and justice and mercy and kindness and Love, Enough for us all.

Even me.

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