when your child is anxious: a booklist and resources

Lots of kids struggle with anxiety.

Parent struggle when their kids struggle.

Let’s all struggle a little bit less, with these parent-recommended books and resources to help.

What to Do When You Worry Too Much is cognitive-behavioral therapy made kid-friendly. If your child responds well to workbooks. this is a good place to start. (Ages 6-12)

Understanding what’s happening inside us is key to feeling safe. Not a workbook, Please Explain “Anxiety” to Me, is simply a child-friendly explanation of the biological and psychological elements of anxiety.

Need mindfulness mantras for kids to help overcome negative cognitions? Here you go: I Can Handle It!

A parent reports that her six-year-old uses this drawing journal and enjoys it thoroughly.

Reviewers report buying I am Peace for their kids, and then benefitting themselves.

Breathe Like a Bear teaches brief breathing and mindfulness exercises for kids, anytime, anywhere.

Scaredy Squirrel
By Mélanie Watt

Meet Scaredy Squirrel, who knows it’s too dangerous to leave his tree. In later books, Scaredy learns to cope with anxiety in other situations: he makes a friend, goes to the beach, has a birthday party, etc.

The Worry Tree Is Waiting
By Rebekah PrinceBergeron

Guided imagery for kids and parents alike, in The Worry Tree is Waiting.

Other resources

Apps are a great resource for kids (and adults). Here’s a blog site that reviews 15 of the most popular.

Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube is a kid-friendly introduction to yoga, which is research-proven to be one of the most effective interventions for anxiety.

For parents who want to dig deep into the research on anxiety, The Body Keeps the Score is a fascinating and well-written look into serious anxiety disorders like PTSD. The more we understand, the better able we are to respond to challenges effectively.

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