thrift store fashion

Day 4, Clothing Week, Summer of 7. Number of items worn so far:  17, not including underwear, nightwear, workout wear, footwear... with so many exemptions, why am I even counting???

Because I told you I would, that's why.  So there's your number.

It has a 7 in it.  Significant?



The other thing I said I'd do this week is talk about thrift fashion.

So I picked a few favorite thrifted items out of my closet to show you.  I have labels from Banana Republic, J Crew, J Jill, The Limited, Hollister, The Gap--and I never pay over $5 for an item.

The other day, I priced the dark brown pants online (I like them so much I was thinking about buying a pair in another color) and they are $75.  So then I was really proud of myself.

I know a lot of people are OK without fashionability, but I am not.  It's important to me.  I find I think about myself LESS when I know that my clothes are OK.  Otherwise I feel distractingly dorky.

Thrifting means I can enjoy my fashionability without tanking the budget.

I'm hoping there must be something good about the whole recycling aspect of thrifting?

And, when it's time, I can donate thrifted clothes without a shred of regret.

If you're in the Dallas area and want to thrift, here are my favorite haunts:

  • Thrift Town (Arlington and Oak Cliff)
  • Irving Thrift
  • The Rose Garden (benefits a halfway house for women)
  • Arlington Resale (benefits a crisis pregnancy center)
  • Plato's Closet
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