coloring book giveaway! ends 2/9/16! that's really soon!

The other morning I was on a Skype call with my brother who lives in Myanmar.  And about 9 minutes in, my internet died.  

I did all the usual things.  Hyperventilate slightly.  Restart computer.  Call husband.  Restart computer again.

But the worst had happened.  


I didn't know what.

But clearly, the worst.

Because my internet was dead.

Also, our living room is a T-Mobile dead zone, so my cell service wouldn't work.  

Also, the phone sim card was popped out, unbeknownst to me, further disabling my cell service.  (I didn't figure that out until the next day.)

I ended up on the sidewalk in 33 degree weather, borrowing my neighbor's wi-fi and cancelling the rest of my morning, which was all internet dependent.

So there I was, with my morning stretching out emptily before me, and perhaps just a teensy tinsy bit of anxiety-induced adrenaline coursing through my system.  

I had no plan, and I was anxious.

And that's when I remembered:


I have no plan, I'm anxious:  this is why coloring books exist in the universe.

So I spent the morning coloring from Meditations, with a verse which seemed especially appropriate to the situation.  

And now, I'm happy to tell you that YOU TOO can have a copy Meditations!

The publisher sent me this one and asked me to publicize it to you.  (I think this is my first official blogging perk:  a free coloring book.  God knows what we need, is all I can say about that.)

I'm happy to recommend this book to you, because:

1.  it's gorgeous

2.  it's great quality (seriously the best paper I've seen in a coloring book)

3.  it's the perfect solution if your internet goes down and you're left with anxiety and no plan.

If you'd like to try for the freebie, just leave your name in the comments here.

I'm shutting the giveaway down at 4 p.m. CST 2/9/16, so comment quick!

I'll randomly select and then notify the winner via email.  The publisher will mail Meditations directly to the winner.

If you don't get the freebie, I think it's well worth ordering.  (Follow this link.)

  • There are 18 designs, pretty intricate, so they take a while to get through.  
  • I use markers to color mine, and the paper holds up perfectly well to that.  
  • If you buy the book, you'll also get free downloads so you can color the designs again if you want.  
  • There's a way to purchase group licenses cheaply, so you can honor the artist and still color with a group of friends.  
  • And there's an online coloring group for this book so you share your work and see what others have done with the designs.

Good luck and happy coloring!

(I got asked in the comments about the markers, so here you go. They are Martha Stewart markers.  6 shades of blue, 5 shades of pink, 7 colors that range around red.  Love them!)

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