when your child grieves: a list of books

Children everywhere are experiencing losses of various kinds at all times, whether from a death in the family, loss of a pet, or a move around the world.

Here are my favorite picture books and parental resources for those hard times.

No Matter What, Debi Gliori

Especially for those hard, grumpy days, this is a perfectly precious reminder that love never leaves you, no matter what.

Wherever You Are, Nancy Tillman

“You’re never alone, because my love finds you, wherever you are.”

All of Us, Carin Berger

A family mission statement, illustrated through beautifully diverse families: we are better together, for love always wins.

Love is Forever, Casey Rislov

Little Owl process the loss of Grandfather Owl and learns that love is forever.

Love, Matt de la Pena

This beautiful book explores the universal presence of Love, even in the midst of tragedy and loss.

The Heart and the Bottle, Oliver Jeffers

Putting our hearts away for safe-keeping after loss may be a good idea for a while, but how to do get our hearts out of the bottle again when we need them?

Little Tree, Loren Long

Long, who illustrated the book Love (above), writes about a little tree who learned to let go of its leaves.


Trauma-Proofing Your Kids, Peter Levine

Not just a book of theory, but a book of wonderful child-centered practices and interventions that every parent can use on a regular basis to help children be more resilient to stress.

The Whole Brain Child, Dan Siegel

Understand your child’s developing brain, and help them hack it, too!

It’s Okay That You’re Not Okay, Megan Devine

Chances are, if your child is grieving, you are too.

The Cure for Sorrow, Jan Richardson

Short poems and meditations to keep you company in seasons of sadness.

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