the clean-out report

I promised to get rid of stuff this week.  And the thought of having to reveal myself as a lazy weeny here on the blog was motivation enough to haul me through some sorting, out in hot, ugly garage-land. Here is the donation pile.  A small truck full.

From my end, it was plain hard work.  I didn't feel especially spiritual in the process.  But maybe somebody else will find exactly what they need at exactly the right time.

I hope so.

But what I've been wondering all week is this:  why does my stuff so easily define me?  Why do I think that more stuff in the garage will make me happier?  Why do I feel safer with extra stuff?  Why do I feel more validated, more successful, with certain stuff?

When we moved back to the States five years ago, we thought I would have to get a job to make ends meet.  To get the stuff we need.  So I went back to school--and into what amounts to a luxury profession in the middle of a massive recession.  So I volunteer a lot.

But recently, I've realized that, even without my income, we are JUST FINE.

Let the record show:  Exhibit A above.  Clearly, we have WAY MORE THAN WE REALLY NEED.  (My gosh, is there an echo in here?  It sounds just like food week.)

The flowers of the field, the birds of the air, and oh me of little faith--all in our Heavenly Father's care:  free to receive, free to give, safe in love.

Next up on the Summer of 7 agenda:  clothing week.  Looking into the closet...and trying to get my head around a week with only 7 items of clothing...yet to be identified...

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